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AUGUST 13, 2007

So the first day of medical school has come and passed. I tried to keep expectations to a minimum, since generally expectations on the first day of anything tend to disappoint. Overall, I believe it really went well. I was curious to see how things turn out when you put a bunch of accomplished, motivated, type A personalities in a room together and let them get to work. Definitely fun to watch. Funny how everyone slips into a script when attempting to meet new people though. On the first day of undergraduate, things tended to progress like:

"Hi! My name is InsecureFroshZag!" (I was so young. *sniff*)
"Where are you from?"
"What high school did you go to?"
"What are you majoring in?"
"What dorm are you living in?"
*awkward silence*

In med school, its good to know things are totally different.

"Hi! My name is MedZag!"
"Where are you from?"
"Where did you go to undergraduate?"
"What was your major?"
"Where are you living?"
"What area of medicine are you thinking of going into?"
*awkward silence*

Ok maybe not.

Some people seemed intent on getting every name of every person in a room then moving on. For me... I'm horrible with names. Like pathetically, classic blonde spacey with names. So I'm taking my time. There's only 120 of us, so I'll get there eventually. Newfound respect for my professors who learn and relearn names every 4 months though. Props to professors. I'm the youngest person I've met so far (the class' average age is 26), so there's a bit of life experience gap compared to most of my peers, but I know in a month when we're knee deep in gross anatomy its going to matter a lot less whether you're right out of undergrad or are married with a child.

Besides, I hope there's more I can relate to with my classmates than simply the fact that we all happen to be at the same medical school together. Overall, some good conversations on a wide variety of subjects.

If med school was all like today (which it unfortunately isn't), well, sign me up for that Mayo residency. One word: lines. Wait in line to get your white coat size. Wait in line to get your class catalog picture taken. Wait in line then wait in line some more to get your ID badge. An obvious hassle, but also a good opportunity to chat it up with those stuck around you.

Overall, it was a pretty typical first day stuff. Good introduction to the history of the school, rundown of curriculum, all that jazz. My school seems to have things right (*chest thump*). Early exposure to patients (I'll see my first one by the end of August), curriculum focusing on understanding and diagnosing disease, lots of practice of clinical skills. We'll see if the actual thing stands up to the structure they trumpet to you in the beginning. Above all, right now is difficult because you can tell everyone is anxious to jump right in and get to work and it's going to be a more gradual introduction. Email addresses: later in the week. Big siblings: later in the week. Social events: later in the week But, the more I think about it, the more I like it this way. Set a solid foundation. Build up.

Today we set the cornerstone. We'll see whether I end up building an outhouse or nice gated villa. I just hope it ends up something with a view.