What Would You Do If I Didn't Have A Scanner?

NOVEMBER 25, 2007

I've discovered a funny little quirk in my studying habits.

I draw a lot. See Exhibit A, a page of the notes I made while studying for this last exam.

I can't simply look at a picture and memorize the information but if I sketch out said picture in my own lame rendition for some reason it sticks. Besides this being the source of endless ridicule by my friends in class ("where are your cute little drawings!?") it's also given me a great opportunity to look back at my growth as an artist over these past four months. Here are some of the highlights:

Lonely Platelet.
A social examination of the under appreciated existence of clotting factors.

It's true that smiling utilizes more muscles and burns more calories than frowning.

The Knee
A Football Player's Worst Enemy

The Indifferent Gonad
Because at one point of development, we all had the same private parts!

An examination of color and the anterior triangles of the neck.

I went through an impressionistic stage during our study of the genitalia. I think it was a coping mechanism.

Your Pelvic Girdle
Because without it, you'd poop out your insides!

Nothing better to spur reflection on life and death than a lateral diagramatic view of the skull!

I am sure as I continue to find myself in medical school my artistic style will continue to evolve in turn.

Not much else to say right now - the last month was constant tests (and thus hell). When you spend all day and night every day studying for almost a month straight it leaves little time for things like "reflection" or "personal growth." Thanksgiving break has been a much needed break and now three weeks to push through to Christmas. The year has been flying by. I think that's a good sign - must mean I'm enjoying myself. So really, in the spirit of this post, I think there's only one real way to explain what I've been up to the past month. If you recall in an earlier post - I have a little something called The Place My Medical Knowledge Goes To Die (which has subsequently been renamed The Place My Medical Knowledge Goes To Die Until I Need To Resurrect Every Last Drop Of It Before The Boards Next Year).

My brain on October 2nd, 2007:

My brain on November 25th, 2007: