Onwards and Upwards

Jeesh, I've been really slacking on this blogging thing. Probably because my life has been incredibly uninteresting the past month slaving away in honor to the boards gods. So I successfully (I think) navigated the travails of Step 2 and its assorted clinical vignettes and fake patients. The second romp with the Step exam was not nearly as stressful or interesting as the first go. More a matter of knowing what you have to do, then going and doing it. And yes, Step 2 CS is as big of a joke as everyone makes it out to be.

This month is neurology, which has turned out to be a quite the neurocation. Which means I've replaced qbank and first aid with monday night football and hulu. I'm already starting to feel that 4th year senioritis sink in.

First residency interview invite finally trickled in today. The residents warned me that in ENT things happen late, so while my classmates have been racking in the interviews I've been obsessively checking MyERAS to see "Available, but not yet retrieved" over and over again. After a month of hearing only crickets, it's nice to finally start getting some movement. So it's back to twiddling my thumbs and hitting refresh on my cell phone email every 30 minutes.

Btw, blog crossed 50,000 visitors this week. Pretty freaking surreal if you ask me. Thanks to all who follow this site and pretend to enjoy the content. Never thought when I started this thing it would generate such attention. Y'all are great!