Step Prep: Day 4

The Step 1 gods show no mercy or remorse. This is the forecast for the next week:

This was apparently a holiday weekend. The people I saw out walking and enjoying this wonderful weather sure seemed like they were having a lot of fun. Me, I had fun grinding my ischial tuberosities into my chair slogging through my first couple full days.

I tried to come up with some witty or insightful analogy for what studying for Step 1 is like. But all I could come up with is what everyone will tell you:

It sucks.

Now, this is the type of studying I could really enjoy if I was, say, reclining on a beach with a mojito with a 3 month deadline. It is after all a sort of review, and it's somewhat satisfying when you have those "oh! I remember that!" moments. But the short deadline and the long days add enough displeasure and stress to more than amply offset any enjoyment I may derive out of this process.

Questions are trending up for me. My goal is to get through all the organ systems this week then spend the next two weeks on a meticulous review of each subject/system. Renal and GI are up tomorrow. We'll see how my next NBME looks this coming weekend.