Surgery... Is Exciting.

So I took my surgery shelf exam yesterday. It's hard to believe that the rotation is already over and done with. I guess the true gauge of how much you're really interested in the field is how much you miss it when you move on, and - well - I already miss it. Yes, the hours can be exhausting, but the human body has an amazing ability to adapt to even the most extreme conditions and once you get used to the lack of sleep, you begin to enjoy what happens when you're awake a lot more. And boy, does a lot happen when you're awake. Nearly every day something would happen which would make me stop, if only for a second, and think "I can't believe we're allowed to DO this." And then I'd grin a little bit.

The great thing about surgery is that its a field ripe with ingredients for stories, and I have plenty from the past 5 weeks. The unfortunate thing is you often don't have the time to digest and tell those stories. So that's my project for the next few weeks, just bear with me.

Starting on psych on Tuesday - which is about as black and white a field from surgery as you an get. I think I'm going to be bored, but I'm trying to not carry any preconceived notions into the rotation.