Time to Bear Down:

Question:  A 65 year-old woman presents to you for evaluation of an incidentally found opacified sphenoid sinus.  She denies any prior history of sinus disease, including infectious or allergic symptoms.  She does complain of positional headaches, and was being worked up by her neurologist with an MRI when this sinus opacification was noted.  On careful review of the MRI, you note a polypoid mass between the superior turbinate and the septum.  What maneuver is important to perform during your physical exam to better characterize this lesion?   [Answer will be posted with next week's new question]

Answer to last week's question, A Hard Pill to Swallow (Mar 30, 2015): 

Zenker's diverticulum are pulsion (i.e., false divertivuli, no muscular layer) diverticulum that frequently results in dysphagia, regurgitation, halitosis, and aspiration.