What's In a Name?


Question:  You are performing a rigid endoscopic evaluation of a larynx in a 62 day-old infant, who had been intubated from day 0 of life through day 14 of life.  The child has had a strong cry, but some difficulty with respiratory distress with activity and periods of crying.  Prior to anesthetizing the child, you performed a flexible laryngoscopy and had some concerns that the true vocal folds were paretic as there was limited abduction bilaterally.  On exam, you note a firm scar band spanning between the vocal processes, but identify a small posterior, mucosally lined sinus tract in the posterior commissure area.  The remainder of your exam is negative.  What is your diagnosis?  [Answer will be posted with next week's new question]

Answer to last week's question, That Bites (June 8, 2015): 

Angle's Class II Occlusion.