Blood Supply and Demand

Question: A 70 year old male is treated for a T3 glottic carcinoma with external beam radiation.  He is monitored closely and develops no signs of recurrent disease.  He continues to swallow well and has a stable hoarse voice.  At 2 years following treatment he develops some slight voice changes, but his exam is fairly unremarkable.  He then undergoes surgery for diverticulitis with abscess, complicated by postoperative sepsis requiring intubation.  He is extubated and manifests aphonia with stridor.  Examination reveals bilateral vocal fold immobility, edema, and a foul mouth odor.  CT is unremarkable.  What is the most likely diagnosis? [Answer will be posted with next week's new question]

Answer to last week's question, "Bug Eyes" (July 31, 2017)

Endoscopic sinus surgery with decompression of a likely subperiosteal abscess.