Hi, my name is MedZag and I'm going to be a...

first year medical school student.

I've always loved telling stories. In my 21 years, I like to think I've collected a solid repertoire of anecdotes to fill my head during those boring moments (like, say, a night in a bar with eskimos). I've wanted to be a doctor since that day in 1991 when my mom bought me that Fischer Price doctors bag of instruments (which I still have - which happens to say a lot about me as a person). So I'm hoping this blog gets to be as much a chronicle of my personal journey through medical school for my own recollection years down the road as much as it an entertaining read for any of my friends sympathetic enough to read it as well. It might give a little insight to those of you who are curious into how our medical curriculum and training steal the humanity and soul out of our future doctors... and why this may be a good thing. It might just serve as a personal ego stroke to myself from time to time to remind myself that what I'm doing actually is pretty cool and that all the hours of personal isolation spent studying and the verbal abuse from the powers that be are worth it.

I've always loved telling stories. Hopefully you'll enjoy listening.