Since there's been a lot of pirate mentions lately

SEPTEMBER 19, 2008

It would be a disservice if I didn't mention that today, September 19th, is national Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Under the "Pirate Fun & Games" tab at you can print out your own Pirate Party Kit for your office, ward, classroom, construction site, clinic, wherever.

Also note, since this is a medical blog, the venerable Pirate Medicine: Pestilence and Pain During the Golden Age of Piracy.


MedZag's Classmate YELLING at Last Lecturer Of Day (11:55PM): "Arrrrrrrr, good day to ye matey. I be havin a question for ye, what be the effects of me rum on me collecting tubules? Can it be causin' me hyponatremia-rrrrr?"

This is the life of a medical student.

I think a little bit of me died inside.