Venti Coffee, Hold the Sympathy

Good news for me: Goodbye kidney. I have now put in my requisite time for the year learning about pee. Yippee.

Leading up to this last exam, I've noticed a trend that's been developing over the last few months. See graph:

The funny thing about burnout is how it sneaks up on you. Time starts to slip away from you, the days start to blend together, and before you know it you're sitting in starbucks with 3 empty venti cups strewn about you staring bleary eyed at the same page of notes you've been looking at for the last 1/2 hour, listening to the crazy woman in the corner talk on her corded phone thats not hooked up to anything, then getting a free 4th coffee from the barista who looks at you with a sad sympathetic look in her eyes as she says "you're always here."

Thanks for the free coffee.

Luckily, I have two of the most potent drugs possible for combating the dreaded burnoutosis (its not quite developed into a full blown -itis yet). The two magical medicines are:

-SevenDaysOfDrunkenessonix (generic name: spingbreakatol)

-Guinnessium (generic name: stpatraxia)

Applying my mad pharmacokinetics skillz obtained over this last block, I had my proper loading dose of stpatraxia on Saturday and now plan to work my way into therapeutic levels tomorrow, March 17th, the greatest day of the year. Hopefully this can help keep off some of the more severe symptoms of burnoutosis until I had get onto a steady regimen of sprinbreakatol on Friday. And yes, my life has now degenerated to the point where making lame jokes turning fun things in my life into fake drugs is highly amusing to me.

I have a couple cool stories from clinic to share sometime soon (one thing I've learned about pediatric oncology - there's always stories), but given my current level of motivation (read: none) it will have to wait. Maybe when I'm sufficiently medicated with springbreakatol (I'm so funny!)