Making The Grade

 Question: A 14 month old boy is referred for recurrent croup-like episodes. His parents note that nearly every time he has a cold, he develops a barky cough that is treated with humidification and occasionally a dose of steroids. There is no cyanosis or apnea. Feeding has been normal in between episodes. Medical history reveals intubation at birth for neonatal sepsis that required 3 attempts. Microdirect laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy reveals an area of narrowing without mass in the subglottic larynx. Estimated luminal diameter is 75% obstructed. What Cotton-Myer grade of stenosis does this represent?

a) Grade 1

b) Grade 2

c) Grade 3

d) Grade 4

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Answer to last week's question, “Common Things Are Common" (March 25, 2019)

B - Position eccentric to IAC.