Step Prep: Day 7... or is it 8? I don't know anymore.

So I had all these "stay balanced" things planned into my study schedule. Gym time, free time in the evenings, all that wonderful stuff. Unfortunately, I think my schedule was a bit too ambitious and as a result those days I was supposed to be done at 6pm are more like 10pm and gym time has been forsaken to make up on lost sleep. But what other choice do I have, really? If I don't get through the material now, I won't ever... and the thought of going into the test having NOT finished a subject scares the crap out of me.

So much for balance.

I was ambitious, I mean, masochistic enough to believe I could get through all of neuro today. I did it... but it took me 10 hours. On a Friday night.

Questions continue to oscillate up and down for me. I'll do a pretty good number on a subject and think I have it hammered down then drop 15% in the same subject a day later. But the fluctuations are getting less dramatic and my scores are slowly trending up, even if it doesn't feel like it. I created an excel spreadsheet with a graph and trendline to prove it to myself. Yes, its gotten to that point. Today was a down day for questions. That coupled with the sadistic enterprise that was neuro and the fact that its Friday but I hardly noticed since it was just like any other day made for a pretty down day for me. I have heard of medical students being reduced to tears during board studying. If I was one of those more sensitive types, today probably would have been one of those days. Instead, I did what any testosterone-fueled male would do... and raged. I have developed a habit of verbally abusing my QBank when reviewing questions. OH! ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW IS THAT tRNA HAS 94 NUCLEOTIDES AND ENDS IN CCAGGG ON THE 3' END! THANKS USMLEWORLD! YOU'RE A GREAT HELP! I've also developed a habit of talking to myself when studying now. That's a new symptom.

14 more days...